Toddlers Room

The Toddlers room caters for children from 2-3 years of age.  Again, the room has large south facing windows providing a bright, warm and stimulating environment for the children. The room has an adjacent toilet area, allowing for independence during the toilet training stage. Meal times are eaten together at tables and they enjoy a healthy lunch. This stage is extremely important as it helps them to develop their social skills as well as healthy eating habits for their overall development and well – being. After lunch, the children take a nap on their own sleep mat with a blanket in our quiet area.

During the transition to the toddler room, the children will be introduced to their key worker and movement will be gradual and very much at the pace of the individual child. The emphasis in the toddler room is very much learning through play and the equipment has been carefully chosen to encourage their physical, cognitive, intellectual, social and emotional development.

As with all toddler rooms, it is buzzing with activity as they discover new  things through exploration with water and sand, arts and crafts, role play, books, music, games, jigsaws, modelling and many more activities.  They learn to recognise numbers, shapes and colours and how to form friendships and learn to take turns, share and respect each other.

The Toddlers have use of a vast outdoor play area with an extensive range of age appropriate equipment in our large playground to support them in their physical development. They will enjoy nature tracks and treasure hunts in our shaded forest areas and will be able to climb, run, explore and be creative in our beautiful  grass areas. The children will help create their very own herb, vegetable and flower beds and get the chance to enjoy nature in a safe environment.
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